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Welcome to EURACTIV's AgriFood Brief, your weekly update on all things Agriculture & Food in the EU from EURACTIV's Agrifood news team: Gerardo Fortuna and Natasha Foote

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Latest Episodes…

  1. 18 - CAP developments, protectionism, GM crops

    This week, EURACTIV speaks about the latest developments on the CAP and the timeline for this year, we explore the news that the Czech Republic is on its way to introduce a protectionist food law despite warnings that this could be in violation of the EU’s free movement of goods, ...


  2. 17 - 2021 lookahead, CAP, Brexit

    This week, EURACTIV's agrifood team speaks with Paul Kelly, director of Food Drink Ireland, about the impact of Brexit on the sector so far and what he sees as the key concerns for the future, and we explore what's on the menu for 2021, including the finalisation of the CAP ...


  3. 16 - 2020's Best Bits

    This week is EURACTIV's last podcast of 2020 - and what a year it has been. Here, we take a look at the agrifood highlights of 2020, including the unveiling of the long-awaited Farm to Fork strategy, the EU's flagship food policy, a re-CAP of the final CAP-down, and EU ...


  4. 15 - Live animal exports, Agrofert controversy, Committee of Regions

    This week, EURACTIV takes a look at the debate over live animal transport in the EU as the UK moves to ban the practice, we hear from Aneta Zachová from EURACTIV Czech Republic about the latest news on the allegations of fraud surrounding Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš and the ...


  5. Special Edition: A closer look at EU agrifood trade

    In this special edition of the agrifood podcast, EURACTIV’s agrifood team delves deeper into all aspects of EU agrifood trade - why it's is so important in the context of the general EU’s trade policy, what makes EU foodstuff and the European Single Market so different for trade partners, as ...