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Welcome to EURACTIV's AgriFood Brief, your weekly update on all things Agriculture & Food in the EU from EURACTIV's Agrifood news team: Gerardo Fortuna and Natasha Foote

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  1. 19 - CAP budget increase, state aid, no mandatory labelling in F2F

    EU Agriculture Commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski has said he will support Poland’s proposal to increase the budget for EU’s farming subsidies by 10%, the excessive use of state aid to bail out struggling farmers during the COVID-19 crisis could be a cause for concern for the single market and fair competition ...


  2. 18 - Organic regulation postponement, F2F confirmed, agritourism struggles

    Backed by the organic food sector, EU lawmakers are pushing the European Commission to delay the coming into force of the reformed organic regulation; after being delayed twice, the European Commission is ready to unveil on 20 May its much-awaited food policy, the Farm to Fork Strategy; and EURACTIV takes ...


  3. 17 - Transitional CAP, market measures, unfair trade practices

    The European Parliament’s agriculture committee has approved a negotiating mandate for upcoming talks with national ministers on a transitional period for EU farming subsidies, MEPs voice strong reservations about the market measures put forth by the Commission to deal with the COVID-19 outbreak, and farmers are noticing an increase in ...


  4. 16 - Protectionism, market measures, workers guidelines

    Member states are increasingly considering protectionist measures in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the European Commission announced exceptional market measures, and stakeholders are calling for urgent action to protect agri-food workers ...


  5. 15 - Market measures, F2F postponement, 'milk lakes'

    The current budget for the deployment of market measures is very limited says Commissioner Wojciechowski, the launch date of the highly-anticipated new EU food policy, the Farm to Fork strategy (F2F), is currently under review and MEPs called on reducing volume production in the dairy sector to avoid milk storage or ...